“The Weirdo II”

Allow me to proudly introduce The Weirdo II, the second installment in a silly series of shorts which always, if nothing else, lives up to its title.

(The Weirdo was finished in early 2017)

The Weirdo II has its origins in the development of the hitherto un-released Wavelength, a semi-feature-length film I planned back in 2017. The movie became unwieldy and simply too much for me to handle by myself, and the initial cut (around 40 minutes) was slow, repetitive, and very rough. Unwatchable, some would say.

So, I scrapped the project.

Then, sometime in the midst of this past summer, I realized that I had hours and hours of footage (including a full hour of monologue from the immaculately funny Jeff Wilson (Relics) as “Father Doom,”) and that simply too much time, effort, and spare change had been sunken into this project for it to go to waste.

I quickly reshaped the plot (if you could call it that) and out came The Weirdo II. After all, all one needs to do to have a Weirdo short film is merely have an aimless protagonist navigating a world of cheap effects and inappropriate comedy edits, accompanied by a meager synth score. Despite whatever shortcomings the film owes to its director, editor, and composer, we can be grateful for:

  1. The masterful acting work of Max Wyman, who after years of laboring on the home video circuit finally makes his Wiseguy Productions debut
  2. The ingenious delivery of the aforementioned Jeff Wilson, and for his creative contributions to the project
  3. All the good work of unpaid student filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike who helped make this thing possible
  4. The house of the late Rod Hartley, who was so generous to let us use his beautiful home
  5. The ill-captured majesty of Colorado
  6. The acting debut of another rising star, John Abbatiello
  7. Richard Ito of Daylight Delirium‘s debut as a delusional would-be assassin
  8. The many hours of unused footage, characters, plots, subplots, and other short films, all of which will doubtless see the light of day (one day) in the form of The Weirdo III, IV, V, and VI
  9. My parents, for all of their patience and help

So, enjoy, if you can. This is a decent representation of what I was going for when I conceived of Wavelength, albeit in a highly abridged form. When I have some spare time, I’ll get to work on Part III. In the meantime, please support student filmmakers (especially those more talented than I) and give them the feedback they need to improve and excel.

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