Editor – Christian Abbatiello

No mustache . . . hmmm.

Christian Abbatiello earned a degree in Telecommunications and Film with an emphasis in Critical Studies from the University of Alabama. He stinks and I don’t like him, but here we are. I will say, he loves movies more than his girlfriend, and can cook a mean chicken parmesan. Christian interned at Latin World Entertainment in Beverly Hills, CA – where he read a lot of scripts – and at Vision Films in Sherman Oaks, CA. He watches a ton of movies and thinks he knows everything about them. He is known to say that something “stinks,” even before he has seen it or had a chance to give it a fair review. However, he’s not a complete Negative Nancy. He once waited on Thomas Jane in a restaurant, who was kind enough to tip him $20.

Watch Christian’s student film projects (or…not):

Slice (dir. by Christian Abbatiello)

The Weirdo (dir. by Christian Abbatiello)

The Assassination of Judas Iscariot by the Savior Jesus Christ (dir. by Nick Bomar)